Thanks for taking a further look at my work. The following are links to some of my favorite projects. They give a pretty good sampling of my work. All of it is "Enhanced For Netscape", but I also take care to make the pages look reasonable under Lynx (I figure people should go with the best of what they've got - for graphics, that's Netscape. For text-only displays, that's Lynx).

This colorful game made for a colorful web page.

A History of the Apple II
I wrote the software to automatically generate all 24 control bars. I could just as easily generate them on the fly, but I didn't see any point in spending the CPU time for that. I also wrote a new version of the NCSA imagemap utility that gives users the ability to configure imagemaps themselves, without sysadmin intervention.

My interest in philosophy and politics led me to collect plain-text historical documents and philosophical works, and convert them to a more easily readable HTML format. I'll be adding a search engine soon.

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